Live The Alaskan Life

Looking to experience something different? Something exciting? Experience Alaska. Alaskan Life Realty firmly believes there is more to Alaska than real estate. In order for one to sell Alaska, you must love Alaska. At Alaskan Life Realty, we are born and raised Alaskans who love this place and want to share it with you. As we travel around Alaska and work Alaska real estate, we will provide you with photos and video.
We hope and strive to capture Alaska as a local does and to give you a taste of how we live. There are so many fun outdoor activities to enjoy here and most are free! This is the best place to live and we hope to show you as we make our adventures. Call us if you ever have any questions about our travels or real estate here in Alaska. We would be happy to help.
Alaska offers its residents many options for activities, indoors and outdoors. There are many cities and towns to choose from when moving here. Each part of Alaska offers you something a little different and you will find glimpses into some of those areas and activities here. We will continually add resource information, photos and video as we collect it for your enjoyment and knowledge. Being born and raised here, our licensee’s love what Alaska has to offer and would love to assist you in learning more about this wonderful state. Feel free to contact us with any questions. Thanks for checking us out.
Live The Alaskan Life
What does “Live The Alaskan Life” mean? In Alaska, we enjoy the outdoors; hiking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, camping, four wheeling, snow machining and so much more. Living the Alaskan life means having the lifestyle we all enjoy here. Alaska is vast with so much to explore, enjoy and be. Alaskan’s love things like eating what we hunt, fish and harvest. Alaska offers you so many options to live and enjoy that you won’t find all in one place anywhere else. Come “Live The Alaskan Life”
Life in Alaska
Explore life in Alaska with us.
The Outdoors

Experience the outdoors of Alaska like the locals do. There are so many places to see and things to do that you won’t find or hear about when playing tourist. 

Eagle River Nature Center

This place is about a 1 hour drive from Anchorage and has many hiking trails, viewing decks and lots of wildlife. Perfect for the afternoon outing. Moose, Bears and many birds can often be seen here. The walk is easy to medium depending on the trail you take and takes you to amazing mountain views. 

Eklutna Lake

About 1 hour from Anchorage, this is another great afternoon outing spot. Eklutna Lake offers camping, hiking and 4 wheeling trails as well as horseback trails. Again, you are surrounded by breath taking views and a peaceful setting. 


Mendenhall Glacier

See a glacier up close! Visit Juneau and see the Mendenhall Glacier. You can trek through this magnificent glacier and see the glacier blue walls. While there are tours offered, you can also hike there. This outdoor adventure is worth the travel.

Seward Alaska

Seward offers a large variety of activities even for the locals. Many find this place to be a fishing hot spot every summer. There is also the Sealife Center and lots of great camping locations. The drive from Anchorage is beautiful with breath taking views. Seward also has Exit Glacier which you can hike to view up close. The best part is that Seward is a short drive from Anchorage at only 3 hours on average.