Covid-19 and Real Estate

COVID and the Alaska Real Estate Market

The Alaska real estate market still stands strong even through the COVID-19 pandemic. Alaska quickly instituted helpful mandates to help prevent the spread. While the mandates were very helpful, they did impact the way real estate professionals can operate. In addition, Alaskan Life Realty, LLC has adopted some additional policies to protect workers and clients. 

While our office remains closed to the public, we are able to work from home and outside of the home, following COVID-19 preventative guidelines. During the pandemic, we have quickly adjusted the way we operate and market so we can best serve our clients. While this includes additional internet marketing, we are seeking to make your shopping and selling experience as smooth as possible so you have one less thing to stress about. 

While COVID-19 may have changed our daily routine, way of life and work, we strive to make sure you still receive excellent service and a stress free experience. We look forward to working with you through these times. 

Tours & Open Houses…..What Should I Expect?

COVID-19 has definitely changed how real estate professionals and clients function. The State of Alaska has been continually reviewing and updating or extending the statewide mandate. However, the State of Alaska has determined real estate business to be essential. The State believes licensees can operate using social distancing during some activities and practive responsible safeguards to protect clients and themselves. For more information on the mandates and guidelines, you can visit the State of Alaska’s website by going to State of Alaska Real Estate & COVID. Listed below are the protocols we are following at Alaskan Life Realty LLC:

  • Residential Tours (Sales & Rentals) – All tours are first completed virtually using FaceTime, WhatsAPP or Zoom. If you would like to proceed on that paticular home, we then schedule an in-person tour. Before the in-person tour for rentals, you will need to have filled out a rental application first. We make that simple using an online application platform.
  • Residential In-person Tours (Sales & Rentals) – We strictly follow the guidelines established by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). No more than two persons INCLUDING the licensee may be inside the property at any one time. No more than three INCLUDING the licensee may be onsite at any one time.
  • ANY Tours – All present must wear a mask and stay at least 6 feet apart. If that is not possible, we reserve the right to decline the tour. All should wash or hand sanitizer their hands before entering a residence and after.
  • Open Houses – We have ceased all in person open houses until further notice. We will do virtual open houses and will arrange private viewings for pre-qualified buyers. 


What About Listing My Home or Land Right Now?

Even with COVID-19, it is still a great time to sell your property or home. Interest rates are low and the market is still hot. Land is in higher demand with many looking to move further away from cities. While there are some in-person restrictions, this doesn’t stop us from providing excellent marketing for your property. With the change, we have also changed and adapted to make sure we don’t miss a beat. Buyers may be less inclined to view properties with the added health risks or some may even be turned away by the strict showing protocols. However, serious buyers typically understand the restrictions are there to protect everyone including the home owner. 

Deciding to sell during COVID-19 may seem like a challenge for many sellers. Instead of letting the changes and restrictions prevent us from providing service, we adapted and redesigned our online marketing. We have included more virtual options and incorporated as much contactless procedures as possible. With the use of modern technology, drone photography & videos, and professional photography & videos, we can broadcast your home or land listing internationally.